How to earn money by digital marketing?

Earn Money by Digital Marketing – This is a very common question everyone is asking, How to make money using Digital Marketing, Pay per Click, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc. This is best you can do.

In The World Of Digital Marketing, Content Monetization Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online.

You can earn money by Digital Marketing:

  1.  As a Freelancer working on projects for clients that need a digital marketer. Just sign up with, to see what project opportunities you could get.
  2. As an digital marketer for an employer or company.
  3. As a Blogger who shares articles via a blog or a website creating traffic and then selling ad space for income.
  4. 4) Start online e-commerce business.
  5. Focus on Understanding and Implementation, Once you develop the skills you will make money.
  6. If you have depth knowledge of Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing You can join any company and make money or Create your profile on freelancer, elance, odex fiver.
  7. If you have good Content Writing skills, you can become an freelancer content writer.
  8.  You can make an Authority Blog site and start affiliate marketing by joining @Commision Junction and other similar sites.If You Want To Earn Money From Your Website, Then Google Adsense Is The Best Tool. Submit Your Website On Google Adsense & Google Adsense Will Monetize Your Content By Analyzing How Many Visitors You Will Get Per Second Or Per Minute Or Per Hour Or Per Day Or Per Month & Then, If Google Adsense Found That You Will Get High Web Traffic, Then Google Adsense Will Put Ads On Your Website & If Someone Clicks On That Ads, Then You (Owner Of Website) Will Get Paid.
  9. If You Have Content On YouTube Also, Then You Should Also Monetize Your Content With The Help Of YouTube Monetization Option. Actually If You Enable Monetization Option On YouTube, It Will Connect Your YouTube Account With Google Adsense Account So That Google Adsense Will Monetize Your YouTube Channel Including Your Website Also. & Analyzing Your YouTube Channel Content On The Basis Of How Much Traffic Or How Many Visitors You Will Getting On YouTube & If Google Adsense Found That You Are Getting High Traffic On YouTube, Then Google Adsense Will Put Ads On Your Video & If Someone Clicks On That Ads, Then You (Owner Of Content) Will Get Paid.
  10. You Can Also Submit Your Blog On Google Adsense To Monetize Your Blog Content Too.
  11. Depends on your digital marketing knowledge:
    • You can work as freelancer
    • SEO or SMO (as freelancer)
    • Work for your own project like ecommerce site
    • Selling product online
    • Become an internet marketing analyzer


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