Mobile Retargeting Course in Chandigarh

CIIM Provide the best Mobile Retargeting Course in Chandigarh. Discover the effortless way to re-engage lost mobile users across smartphones and tablets.
100% self-serve. Free to try. Billions of mobile ad impressions at your fingertips.

Why Mobile Retargeting?

The average app churns 80% of its users*  – You’re spending a fortune driving installs, but your users are churning out.

Re-engage at-risk users during critical early days

Keep your DAU high by creating specific audiences that can be targeted at any step of the install process.

Stay front-of-mind with your high-value users

Advertise across top mobile ad publishers to remind your fans to come back and play.

Track conversions and revenue

Perfect Audience’s easy to use dashboard shows you all the decision-making data you need to optimize campaigns.

Perfect Audience puts powerful ad retargeting at your fingertips

Rule-Based Tag Manager

Install a single tracking code. Create segments for every behavior you care about.

Conversion Tracking

Track click and view conversions, sale value, order ID and much more.

Revenue Tracking

Pass in revenue values and compare them against daily ad spend.

Manage Multiple Sites

Manage campaigns for as many sites as you want, free of charge.

Transparent Billing

Track every dollar spent with detailed invoices sent to your inbox.

Detailed Analytics

Count clicks, conversions, CTR, CPA, CPC and lots more, updated every 2 hours.

Powerful Segmenting

Track users based on pages viewed & actions fired in the browser.

Cookie Freshness

Retarget only the freshest visitors to your site, not the old ones who don’t care.

Bring back lost customers from Facebook

Almost 30% of U.S. ad impressions occur on Facebook…and now those impressions are available for retargeting using your own first-party audience data.

Our easy-to-use self-service dashboard lets you track campaigns from cookie to conversion. Measure click through rates, conversions, spend and much more. You call the shots.

Total transparency and control

Perfect Audience and Facebook use anonymous cookies to to place ads and do not share or exchange any data whatsoever.

User Data Firewall

Who is this for?

Perfect Audience-powered Facebook Retargeting is ideal for marketers who want to expand the reach of their exchange-based remarketing and behavioral targeted audience buys across Facebook’s 955M global monthly active user base.

Facebook retargeting does not replace your existing site retargeting campaigns. Facebook retargeting is a way to get more reach and more ROI from your first-party cookie data.

Perfect Audience Facebook Retargeting at a glance

  • Scale: 955 million active users (June 2012), 57% of whom are daily users
  • Optimal Targeting: Leverage your own customer intent data
  • Formats: Standard Facebook ad units. No sponsored stories.
  • Placements: Right-hand side and in the news feed (in beta!)
  • Ad serving: Ads served by Facebook.
  • Ad tags: Approved tag providers only.
  • Exchange Access: Approved demand side platforms and DSPs only.

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