Frequently Asked Questions

1) What subjects covered in Internet Marketing Training?

Find the full list of subjects covered in the advance internet marketing training course, we will cover all aspects of internet marketing and it is updated frequently. The online internet marketing changes fast, so we will teach you all the latest strategy, tools and techniques required for online success.

Ask questions at any time? if we find something within the scope of internet marketing we will teach you.

2) How much time required to complete the Digital Marketing Training course including SEO, SMO and Internet Marketing?

Great Question. Browse through the Training and Course menu for complete training details of different courses provided by CIIM. The different training have separate time frame to complete it. For example the Advanced Digital Marketing Training takes 45 days to complete.

All the training can be taken on weekdays and weekend according to the batch and enrollment of the participant.

3) Is the Internet Marketing Training current and up-to-date according to latest trends in Digital Marketing?

Great Question. The fact that Digital Marketing DOES change very frequently that is way you must join CIIM and become member of it, to gain long time knowledge on updates through email newsletters, personal meetings and blog.

4) Who is the Faculty? Are they qualified to give training for Digital Marketing?

CIIM faculty includes industry speakers, internet marketing consultants, department heads and subject matter experts. Our course materiel written after real time  best practice experiments and marketing goal achievements.

5) Who are your Students?

Our students are range from working professionals from different industry, small business entrepreneurs and people want to enhance their knowledge in digital marketing or want to start fresh and interested in perusing Digital Marketing Course.

6) Will I get a Job, promotion, new clients and start my own business after completing the training?

CIIM will not provide any job guaranty of any kind. But companies in the internet marketing industry approach us for bulk hiring of our students. With our training in the digital domain you will be able to clear your interview for sure.

CIIM training will enable you to do your job with confidence your employer and clients value your skills. Your professional development is our goal.