Best Facebook Marketing for E-Commerce Store

CIIM– (Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing) provide the best Facebook Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Stores. Today, social media spending makes up a small fraction of most business’ marketing budgets. A recent Ciim survey found that, on average, social media spending accounted for just 9% of the overall budget. But that number is projected to expand to nearly 22% in the next five years.

Clearly, ecommerce marketers recognize the power of social media to connect with an audience. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are nearly ubiquitous in our lives. They’re like the 21st-Century Main Street; we use them to communicate, find information quickly, and increasingly, to shop for products.

To Find and Engage Customers

Go where your customers are. It’s a marketing maxim, and it’s never been easier to accomplish than today. There are many different ways social media can improve the way you interact with customers, whether they’re first-time buyers or loyal fans. Here are a few examples:

  • Customer Research: Marketers can see in real-time what your audience cares about most, their interests, the conversations they’re having and what they like. Use your social networks to better segment audience and understand your target demographics. This will help you optimize your campaigns and deliver more targeted messaging.
  • Customer Service: Immediacy is big in social media; we want information and we want it now. That’s why social networks are so great for customer service. They enable businesses to quickly respond to customer inquiries. Plus, social media makes it easier to spot and respond to unpleasant customer experiences. Develop a strategy for responding to customer inquiries via social media.
  • Customer Acquisition: Your social profile is really your storefront. Customers are now using social networks to research companies and products. Your Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social pages provide the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression. Start by optimizing your profiles and making important information easy-to-find. Also, encourage your existing customers to review your company on Facebook, Google, or Yelp.
  • Customer Engagement: Don’t think of social media as another way to generate sales and drive traffic. Use these platforms to demonstrate value and validate your marketing efforts.

Top Tips for E-Commerce

Enable social sharing. Social share buttons should be featured throughout your e-commerce website. Like buttons allow customers to engage and share your content with friends. Once a customer likes your page, he/she will regularly receive your company’s status updates in their newsfeed.

Market promotions. There’s no better place to market specials and promotions than Facebook. Create discount codes and offer those codes exclusively your Facebook fans. This will entice consumers to frequent your fan page in search of great deals.

Vary your content. Diversity is key in social media, so it’s never a good idea to post only one type of status update. When sharing updates remember to mix it up and always strive for new ways to engage your audience.

Engage your customers. If a customer posts a reply to one of your posts, take the time to respond. Facebook is meant to be interactive, and this is a two-way street that you need to pave as the merchant.

Sell without selling. Your Facebook fans don’t want you to sell to them 24/7. Rather than pushing products every chance you get, create and share helpful articles, behind-the-scenes videos and relevant customer testimonials. You can also try creating a poll or competition, or even pose interesting questions and topics for debate. This will help make your business more authoritative and trustworthy.

Customer service is key. Facebook isn’t just an extension of your company’s marketing. It’s also a customer service portal that needs to be monitored and manned around the clock. Use Facebook to reach out to customers, respond to questions and resolve complaints. If a customer sends you a private message or voices a complaint, reply in a timely fashion. Failing to do so could potentially hurt your online reputation.


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