PPC Training For Tech Support

PPC Training For Tech Support – Grow your Technical Support Business by Generating Your Own Calls.

Are you technical support business owner and worried about calls/ leads for your business, don’t worry now you can generate your own calls thorough ppc .

you can learn live campaign setup training and generating 20 to 100 calls a day.

In this course you will learn how to create tech support account for emails, printers, routers, antivirus, camera, device, accouting, gadget, computer support services.

This course / training specically design for serious tech support owners only.

Note: we don’t provide training for popup calls generations / fake calls generate and scam calls. so please don’t contact us for this.

I Have designed this course after analysing the online market trend for a better understanding the same fields its objectives and goals.

After completing this course you will be able to deep dive in your business problems and you will be able to solve these problems that will help you to expand your business.

Course syllaus for Technical Support:

  • PPC account creation and setup.
  •  Optimization of Ad copies.
  • keywords selections
  •  Landing Page Designing.
  •  A/B testing for PPC account.
  •  Paid marketing monetization and revenue tracking by Google AdWords.
  •  Bid Management strategy.
  • billing
  • reporting

Requirment for this course:

  • baisic computer knowledge
  • basic knowledge for google ads
  • laptop / computer
  • domain and hosting server
  • website / landing page
  • bank account / credit card / paytm account

after completion of this course you can genearate low cost quaility calls for your tech support center or you can sell your calls to other tech support compaines.

Platform you covered:

  • Google ads
  • Bing ads
  • yahoo gemini

Course fees:

  • 35k

Course duration:

  • 15 days ( two hour daily classes) offline / online classes available


  • U.S. Billing Is Not Mandatory
  • U.S. IP Is Not Mandatory
  • Credit Card Not Mandatory

contact for more details : 09915337448

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