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Best Google Adsense Training –  Earn money through advertisement on Google Adsense – provide you best training in Google adsnese in Chandigarh punjab.

What is Adsense?

AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

Google Adsense is one of the hassle-free way to make money online. But, to get a stable income from Adsense, you need good traffic, well optimization and more than that, the basic understanding of it. I’m sharing here my personal understanding of how Google AdSense works, so you can get to know the real fact behind it.  This is completely from my personal understanding and experience.

I get few emails and comments about less earning from AdSense, mainly the low CPC. No matter how good traffic and CTR they have, but the final earning is still less because of less CPC.

You must understand the basic process behind Google AdSense, such as how it works, from where Google gets money, why CPC is not stable and how others are making more money than you with less traffic.

There are three important factors involved in our below calculation which are CTR ( Click Through Rate), Page CPM( Cost Per Mile). RPM is new factor ( Revenue Per Mile), but we are not going to talk about it here. Each factor directly impact the final Adsense Earnings.  We are not considering CTR in this calculation, but I can say if you can increase your current CTR rate, that will boost the final earnings.

So, its all with CPM we are going to take here. Adsense CPM indicates how much you earn from every 1000 page impressions with Adsense ads (no matter how many ads on them)

So, if you earn 5$ from 2500 page impressions, your CPM is,

(5/2500)*1000 = 2$

You earn 2$ from every 1000 impressions.

Google Adsense Course Syllabus:

  • Google Adsense Fundamentals
  • Google Adsense Approval Basics
  • Google Adsense Approval Strategies
  • Introduction to Adsense Account Interface
  • How to use Adsense Account Interface?
  • How to place ads on websites?
  • How to place ads on blogs?
  • Custom Ads Fundamentals
  • Ads/DFP Planner
  • How will you earn money via adsense?

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