Adwords Available payment methods

A payment method is what you use to pay for AdWords. Depending on your country and currency, the available payment methods can vary. Below, you can learn how to use the payment methods available in your country. For a precise list of what’s available for your country and currency, including which types of credit cards are accepted, visit the payment options tool.

Available payment methods

1. Credit card

You can use a credit card for automatic payments (you’re automatically charged after your ads run) or manual payments (you put funds into your account before your ads run). To add a credit card to your account, you’ll first register your card and then verify it with your bank to ensure online security.

Read on to learn how to learn how to register and verify your credit card, and how you’ll see charges and make payments on the automatic or manual payment setting.

Register, verify, make payments with, or remove your credit card

On August 1, 2009, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) started requiring all online credit card transactions to be processed using enhanced security procedures. This extra step, which includes credit card verification, helps ensure that your credit card isn’t misused.

You can complete this step when you add a credit card to your AdWords account. We’ll help you connect with your bank to authenticate your credit card, and we’ll confirm whether or not it was successful. Click the links below to see steps for the following:

Register and verify your card
Make a manual payment with your credit card
Remove a card from your account

What to expect (automatic payments)

If you’ve set up your account on the automatic payments setting and registered a credit card, you’ll be charged after your ads run and you accrue advertising costs. Once you add a credit card as a primary payment method to your account, the card’s automatically charged after your advertising costs reach a predetermined amount or 30 days after your last automatic charge, whichever comes first.

Please keep all records of a payment until you see that it has reached your AdWords account.

2. NetBanking

NetBanking is a payment method that you can use to make manual payments. With NetBanking, you make a payment before your ads run using a bank transfer. This kind of payment is supported by our trusted payment partner, TimesofMoney.

Requirements and security

You can use net banking to make a manual payment if the following applies to you:

  • You have a billing address and bank account in India.
  • You’ve selected the Indian Rupee (INR) as your AdWords currency.
  • Your bank is supported by our payment partner, TimesofMoney.
See a list of banks supported by TimesofMoney

Make a payment

You can do this at any time. Just make sure that you’ve added NetBanking to your account as one of your payment methods. To do that, sign in to your AdWords account, click the gear icon and choose Billing, and then click theMake a payment button. Click the link below to see steps for making a payment:

Make a payment

What to expect

Your account balance will typically update within 48 hours of making a payment. At that point, your ads will typically start running if they weren’t already.


If you’re worried that your payment is taking too long, there are a couple things you can do to check that it’s on its way:

  • Check that your funds have been withdrawn from your bank account. If they haven’t, contact your bank.
  • Check with your bank that the funds were transferred to the correct account. The account number should be the same as the one listed in our payment instructions (generated when you made a funds transfer payment in your AdWords account).

If it’s been over five business days since you initiated the transfer and you still don’t see your payment reflected in your account, you can contact us. You’ll need to include a valid proof of payment with this form (by clicking the “Choose File” button). Click the link below to see more about a valid proof of payment: