Case Study of Gaurav Bains – Digital Marketing Student at CIIM

Case Study of Gaurav Bains – Digital Marketing Student at CIIM

A dynamic professional nearly 14 years of experience in Sales &  MarKeting, Business Development,Corporates &  Retail Sales. Well organised with a tracK record that demonstrates self-motivation, entrepreneurial ability, creativity, and initiative to achieve corporate goal. Worked with Top Most MNC in India ie. Bharti Airtel Ltd, TataTeleservices, Reliance Communication.

Current Company: Technoplus
Services, What we do? We do provide solutions like bulk SMS services, bulk email services, Bulk voice Call Services, Cloud Call Centre Solution,Toll free solutions, IVR Solutions. Its customer base includes major Corporate, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Real estates and SMEs.

Designation : Product Head.

Company Profile : We are fastest growing services provider for Corporate/SMEs in India. We help Corporate/SMEs to make excellent Marketing/Sales promotions and grow.

Vision: To Define it simple, making it easy!!!To be fast, simple &.; reliable in doing Marketing promotions.

Mission:To become more valuable and highly brand in the mind of Corporate/SME customers.

How the Advanced Digital marketing training at CIIM Gaurav Bains in his business?

IMG_5017Gaurav has said that It was very good learning experience from CIIMChandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing . I got theoretical as well as practical knowledge.
It helped me to deliver what my client wants that is growth of business. It helped to brand a product with visibility. Digital marketing helped him with generation of new clients, closing more sales & generating more revenues.

As per the experience of Gaur bains he said , “For every online business, digital marketing is must for achieving the desired success”. For it is the process of attracting targeted audiences online that will help corporate in achieving desired goals. The way potential customers are interacting online is changing, it’s a conversation that will increase sales. A good conversation is one that interests and therefore engages people. When people are interested and engaged online, they often share and start new conversations, using social media and blogs.

It’s all about expanding reach in the market, converting leads into customers through digital marketing. Therefore with the help of Advanced Digital Marketing training at CIIM & skills i am now able to delivers effective results in a meaningful manner.

Good Wishes to Gaurav Bains for all the Success in his life.