Craftsvilla Marketing Strategies & Case Study

What is marketing? It is basically anything you do to promote and grow your ethnic wear. In the 21st century, two options exist for spending your marketing: traditional and digital advertising., India’s largest online marketplace for Indian products which includes Indian jewellery, sarees, salwar kameez and handicrafts, today announced that they have become the only  profitable ecommerce online marketplace in India.

Craftsvilla Marketing Strategies & Case Study

Craftsvilla is attempting to bring ethnic wear to the forefront and position itself as a daily wear brand. Is the creative strong enough to make the brand succeed in its mission?

Currently, Craftsvilla has over 20,000 sellers and over 2 million products.

Traditionally, Craftsvilla has been spending its advertising dollars on digital and search marketing. Prior
to this campaign, the brand has focused on building a strong social media presence. It has over 5 million fans on Facebook and over 4,000 followers on Twitter. It has earned its audience either through digital or via word of mouth promotions.

Craftsvilla has pledged over Rs 100 crore for marketing this fiscal. They have a busy marketing calendar and will be soon releasing another campaign to scale up business further.

About Craftsvilla:

Craftsvilla is an online web store selling handcrafted and green crafted products. Craftsvilla’s vision is to create a leading Indian global online brand in handicraft space which showcases true colours of Indian culture and are embraced by people of all ages, religion and regions. Craftsvilla is dedicated to providing customers with high quality genuine handcrafted products directly from its base and provide fair wages to the artisans.

Craftsvilla designs, produces, markets and sells own products apart from selling other premium brands.

Craftsvilla has a tag line. “ The Marketplace to discover India”,this tag line goes perfectly with the site, because it has huge range of Indian products & almost all the products are made keeping in mind the Indian craft & culture. The products give traditional classical touch, emphasizing on ancient designs & looks.The products are categorized into different segments like Jewellery, Handbags, Home Décor, Clothing, Food & Health, and Footwear etc., each further divided into sub segments

Its Marketing Strategy And Campaigns:

Ecommerce marketplace leader for Indian products,, claims to be growing with zero paid advertising. Here they list their digital marketing strategy with minimal marketing spend.

In online e-commerce world, you would rarely hear businesses which are profitable and growing with no digital paid advertising costs. For most online e-commerce giants, marketing cost is substantial part of their overall cost, sometimes even reaching more than 50%. In such a cash burning industry, there is one online marketplace in India,, which claims to be growing with zero digital paid advertising. Here are their five tips on how to grow an online business with 100% organic traffic:

  1. Content Marketing: the content around unique products including description and story behind those products, can be used very effectively to drive large traffic to the webstore. The long tail nature of your products can ensure you get higher visibility and ranking on search engines for long tail searches which are less competitive. has more than 300,000+ products online like sarees, jewellery and salwar kameez which are unique and are across various categories. This helps to get high keyword rankings on long tail and therefore relevant search traffic at zero cost.
  1. Referral Marketing: Referral and viral marketing is the most relevant marketing technique in an online world where everyone is connected and constantly buzzing about something or the other. Using unique referral models based on either commission or coupons can be used to attract customers which come from strong word of mouth network and therefore are more likely to buy higher ticket items or convert quickly. is using a unique “Agent” model to do referral marketing whereby agents market products in their neighbourhood, friends and family network or office on a sale commission model.
  1. Emotional Marketing: Emotional marketing works well if there is a strong social impact connect with the products or the products have high aspirational value due to relation with either Bollywood celebrities or some brands. products create livelihood for base of the pyramid sellers who are mostly artisans and also women who are otherwise unemployed and/or can only work from home. Given most of customers are women, this emotional connect helps in the sale of the products on
  1. Affiliate Marketing: Using other websites as affiliate channels is a proven model online for scaling at lower cost. uses multiple affiliate channels to reach customers who are familiar with affiliates and are more open to shopping online on stores which are recommended by the affiliates.
  1. Social Marketing: Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc is best way to drive traffic which is relevant and online. has more than 550,000+ Facebook fans and are present on more than 100+ social media platforms.

These are the five strategy on how to grow online without spending a lot of money. is a rare gem in the online industry in India and is on the path to become the most profitable online ecommerce company in the world.