Create a custom combination list

Create a custom combination list – You can reach a custom audience by combining remarketing lists in an AND, OR, or NOT relationship. Custom combination lists let you create advanced lists out of existing remarketing lists. Say that you want to offer a special price to people who buy three products as a set — for example, a mobile phone, a headset and a charger–, but these products are in three different URLs.

To create a remarketing list of people who visited the three products, you could create one list of “people who visited the mobile phones page,” one list of “people who visited the headset page,” and a third list of “people who visited the charger page.” Then, you could create a custom combination to reach people who saw the mobile page AND the headset page AND the charger page.

  • To use custom combination lists on the Display Network, select “Display Network only – Remarketing” as your campaign type. The default settings in this campaign type can help you achieve better performance.
  • To use custom combination lists for search ads, select “Search Network only – All features” as your campaign type. Custom combination lists are not available for “Search Network only – Standard” or “Search & Display Networks – Standard” campaigns.

Once you’ve created custom combination lists, you’ll need to add them to your ad groups.

How to create a custom combination list

Follow these steps to create a custom combination:

  1. Click the Shared library link in the navigation bar, below your list of campaigns.
  2. Click the View link in the “Audiences” section.
  3. Click the + Remarketing list button.
  4. Enter a descriptive name for your custom combination.
  5. Select Custom combination from the drop-down menu next to “Who to add to your list.”
  6. Use the drop-down menu and the Select audiences button to create your combinations. Here are the options you can choose from the drop-down menu:
    • any of these audiences (OR relationship)
    • each of these audiences (AND relationship)
    • none of these audiences (NOT relationship)

    Then, click the Select audiences button, click >> next to each remarketing list you’d like to add, and click OK.

    Once you’ve selected your options from the two menus, you’ve created a custom combination. For example, if you’ve already created a Sports gear category remarketing list and a Shopping cart remarketing list, you could create a combination like this: People who visit your Sports gear category page and your Shopping cart page.

  7. If you want to build another set of conditions, click the Add another link. You can then create another combination.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until your combination is complete.
  9. Enter an optional description.
  10. Click Save.

You can choose how to combine lists based on your preferences. For example, you can select five lists in an AND relationship by either selecting the “each of these audiences” option from the drop-down menu and adding five lists, or by clicking the Add anotherlink and adding five lists in five separate lines. When you create a custom combination, membership durations remain intact for each remarketing list that’s part of the combination. Note that the number of cookies in your custom combination is updated every few hours.