Create a video ad with the Ad gallery

The Ad gallery, formerly known as the display ad builder, is an ad creation tool that offers various display ad formats in different categories, including video. You can create a video ad with the Ad gallery in any campaign that’s opted in to the Google Display Network. Here are some key benefits of using the Ad gallery:

  • Create and edit your ads easily, for free. Traditional display ads require you to hire a design firm or divert your current design team resources from other sales and marketing projects for your business. With the Ad gallery, you can create a custom ad in many sizes and variations quickly, and for free. You’ll pay only for ad clicks or impressions. If you need specialized content (like logos), you’ll still have some design costs, but they should be dramatically reduced when you use the Ad gallery.
  • Differentiate your products and services. It’s important to set yourself apart from the competition. Use images of your products and colors that match your brand and your logo. This can help customers make a more qualified decision about whether to click your ads. Take advantage of these design options with display ad features, which offer additional benefits that text ads can’t.

Using the Ad gallery

You’ll create each ad using the video template, and your campaigns can include other ad formats, like text and image ads. The available video ad formats use cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), or cost-per-view (CPV) bidding. You can use videos that are hosted on YouTube, or upload a video to your account.

We’ll automatically create your ad in most of the standard IAB ad sizes. The ads you can create include product showcases, galleries, and industry-specific ads.

Here are a few important things to know when creating your campaign:

  • As with our other ad formats, you can choose to bid on a CPC or CPM basis for your video ads by creating either a keyword-targeted campaign (to use CPC bidding) or a placement-targeted campaign (to use CPC or CPM bidding). If you create a Promoted Videos ad, this ad will use CPV bidding.
  • Video ads will show only on the Google Display Network. You can choose to serve your video ad on specific sites in our network, or use keywords to target your ads to pages that relate to your product or service.

Create a video ad with the Ad gallery

Before you can create video ads, the campaign must be set to show ads on the Display Network. Once you’ve verified your settings, take these steps to create a video ad:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Select the campaign or ad group where you want to create your video ad.
  3. Select the Ads tab.
  4. On the “New ad” menu, select Ad gallery.
  5. Click Video ads, and then select an ad template.
  6. Provide the required information, including a video and image.Videos: You can upload a video, use one of your previously uploaded videos, select a video hosted on YouTube, or make a video ad with SpotMixer.

    Images: You can select from our stock of free images, your media library of previously uploaded content, or use an image hosted on your own site.

  7. Click Save ad.


  • If you’re using managed placements, select sites or categories that you know your target audience will find interesting. If there’s a specific demographic you’re trying to reach, use demographic site selection to find the right websites for your ad. We recommend that you target at least 10 sites, if possible. This will help ensure your ad’s visibility, and can allow you to judge your ad’s relative performance more easily.
  • If you’re running a keyword-targeted campaign, it’s important to have tightly themed ad groups that only contain keywords that relate to a specific theme or topic.