From Rs 80 To Rs 800 Cr, Know The Success Story Of Lijjat Papad

The Success Story Of Lijjat Papad

Lijjat Papad, is one of the oldest organisation manufacturing products, from papads, masalas, wheat flour, chapatis, to detergent powder, detergent cake and liquid detergent.

Story of Lijjat Papad

Started in 1959, with just seven women employees it now employees over 43K women all over India with 81 branches and a turnover of Rs 800 crore. The main objective of this company was women empowerment.

Lijjat papad was all started when 7 women had an idea to start their own franchise by using their cooking skills and to make a living. These 7 women took a modest loan of Rs.80. They made the papads at their own building and started made it into a group venture with the help of their neighbors. Eventually, Lijjat became a household name known for quality papads.

Success Factors of Lijjat Papad are :-

• Informal working environment.
• Consistent quality of product.
• Make leaders out of ordinary women.

The reason behind successful Lijjat Papad co. is the quality of the product so the USP of the product is its quality and moreover strength of the women lies.

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