Google Analytics training Chandigarh

CIIM – Provide best training in Google Analytics program with 100% live training. Google Analytics training program provide practical instruction in everything from a basic Google Analytics implementation to an advanced set up across multiple domains with e-commerce tracking. There’s a strong focus on practical issues that apply to all websites in all industries. 

Google Analytics Training Course Syllabus

Advertising and Campaign

    • Advertising Reports
    • Campaign Measurement
    • Cost Data Import
    • Mobile Ads Measurement
    • Remarketing
    • Search Engine Optimization

 Analysis and Testing

    • Advanced Segments
    • Annotations
    • Content Experiments
    • Custom Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Real-Time Reporting
  • Audience Characteristics and Behaviour
    • Audience Data & Reporting
    • Browser / OS
    • Custom Dimensions
    • Flow Visualization
    • Map Overlay
    • Mobile Traffic
    • Social Reports
    • Traffic Sources

 Cross Devices Metrics

    • Classic vs. Universal Analytics

Data Collections

    • API
    • Filters
    • User Permissions

 Mobile App Tracking

        • App Profiles
        • App-Specific Metrics and Dimensions
        • Crash and Exception Reporting
        • Google Play Integration
        • iOS and Android SDKs

 Product Integration

        • AdWords
        • Google Display Network
        • Google Tag Manager
        • Google+

 Sales and Conversions

        • Attribution Model Comparison Tool
        • Data-Driven Attribution
        • Ecommerce Reporting
        • Goal Flow
        • Goals
        • Multi-Channel Funnels

 Site and App Performance

      • Alerts and Intelligence Events
      • Event Tracking
      • In-Page Analytics
      • Site Search
      • Site-Speed analysis

 Course Modules

Session 1: Intro to Google Analytics Session 2: Advanced Google Analytics Session 3: Google Analytics Implementation
  • What are Web Analytics?
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics
  • Traffic Sources: How did they get here?
  • Content: What did they do on the site?
  • Visitors: Who are these people anyway?
  • Goals & Ecommerce: Did they do what we wanted?
  • Actionable Insights and the Big Picture
  • What Does a Great Analyst Need to Know?
  • Finding the Needle in the Haystack
  • Best Practices: Marketing and Advertising
  • Best Practices: Engagement
  • Best Practices: Conversion
  • Improving Your Site: Content Experiments (Formerly: Google Website Optimizer)
  • Best Practices: Sharing with the Organization
  • Configuration and Administration
  • How Google Analytics Tracking Code Works
  • Cleaning Up Your Data
  • Measuring Conversion
  • Measuring Traffic
  • Measuring Content
  • Measuring Visitors
  • Managing Cookies and Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Extracting Data
  • Understanding Each Other: IT and Marketing

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