How to Fix a disapproved ad?

If any of your ads get disapproved, it unfortunately means that the ad isn’t able to run at the moment. To get your ad up and running, find out which ad was disapproved and then edit it so that it meets our advertising policies.

How to fix a disapproved ad

Fix your disapproved ads

Click Guide me to go to the disapproved ads in your account, or read the instructions below.

Here’s how to get your ads up and running:

  1. Find out why your ad was disapproved.
  2. Make changes to your ad as needed.
  3. Wait for your ad to be reviewed.


Step 1: Find out why your ad was disapproved

You can find which ads are disapproved and why by looking at the “Status” column on your account’s Ads tab. Hover over the white speech bubble Ad disapproval bubble next to “Disapproved” and click the disapproval reason to learn more about the policy.


Tip: Enable the “Policy details” column in your account to see the exact policy in question and a link to information on how to fix your ad. See how to enable the “Policy details” column.
How to see all of your disapproved ads at once


Step 2: Make changes to your ad or website

Have a suspended site? If your website was suspended for policy issues, learn how to fix your site before you resubmit your ads.

To fix a disapproved ad, read the policy closely and then edit your ad so that it complies with the policy. Here’s how to edit your ad:

  1. Visit your account’s Ads tab.
  2. Hover over the ad that you need to edit. Click the pencil icon next to your ad, and you’ll be able to edit your ad right there.
  3. Edit the ad so that it complies with all of our policies, and then click Save. Make sure that you actually edit your ad — if you don’t make any changes to your ad, it won’t be resubmitted for review.
  4. Your ad automatically gets resubmitted to us for review.
    Please do not submit your ads for review until you’re sure that the violations are fixed. This is important because if your ads, keywords, or sites are repeatedly disapproved for violating our advertising policies, your AdWords account could be suspended meaning that your ads would no longer run. If you’re confident that the violation is a mistake on our part, you can contact us. Note, however, that if our review confirms that your ad indeed violates our policies, you will need to fix it and resubmit again, causing you to wait even longer for your ad to run.

Note that editing your ad is the same as removing your original ad and creating a new one, so any statistics for that ad will be reset to zero. You can still see your original ad’s performance history by selecting All from the “All but removed campaigns” drop-down menu above the statistics table.

How to resubmit some entire campaigns for review


Step 3: Wait for your ad to be reviewed

Once you edit and save your ad, it will automatically be submitted to us for review. The Status column will change from “Disapproved” to “Under review” or “Eligible.”

We review most ads within 1 business day. Some reviews may take longer because some ads require more complex review. Once we review your ad, its status will be updated in your account to display its current approval status. If your ad is under review for more than 1 full business day, please be patient! We’ll review your ad as soon as we can. In this case, you can also contact us.

Next steps

  • See what to expect in the ad review process.
  • Review our advertising policies to make sure you don’t get disapproved again.