Mobile Marketing Training in Chandigarh

Ciim provide the best Mobile Marketing training in Chandigarh. Mobile marketing is promotional activity designed for delivery to cell phones, smart phones and other handheld devices, usually as a component of a multi-channel campaign. Some mobile marketing is similar to advertising delivered over other electronic channels such as text, graphic and voice messages.

How Does Mobile Marketing Work?

Mobile marketing consists of ads that appear on mobile smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. Mobile marketing ad formats, customization, and styles can vary, as many social media platforms, websites, and mobile apps offer their own unique and tailored mobile ad options.

Why You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Your business needs a mobile marketing strategy for the same reason that you need a computer and wi-fi access – this is the age in which we live! Walk around any major city and you’ll find more than just a few folks with faces glued to their smartphone screens. According to recent reports, 40% of users’ internet time is spent on mobile devices, which means simply ignoring the rise of mobile just isn’t an option.

Some other interesting mobile marketing statistics:

  • 80% of mobile device time in spent on apps, with game apps eating up the largest percent of app time
  • People browse 70% more web pages on tablets than smartphones
  • Retail conversion rates are 2.2% on tablets, considerably higher than 0.7% on smartphones, but traditional PC conversion rates are still highest at 3.3%
  • Mobile searches have increased 200% year over year in 2012
  • Mobile is predicted to surpass desktop in 2014

QR codes: QR codes are scanned by users, who are then taken to a specific webpage that the QR code is attached to. QR codes are often aligned with mobile gamification and have an element of mystery to them, since users who scan them don’t always know exactly which rabbit hole they’re jumping down.

Location-based marketing: Location-based mobile ads are ads that appear on mobile devices based upon a user’s location relative to a specific area or business. For example, some advertisers may only want their mobile ads to appear when users are within a 1-mile radius of their business.

Mobile search ads: These are basic Google search ads built for mobile, often featuring extra add-on extensions like click-to-call or maps.

Mobile image ads: Image-based ads designed to appear on mobile devices.

SMS: SMS marketing involves capturing a user’s phone number and sending them text offers. This is considered somewhat passé.

Mobile Marketing Best Practices

We’re leaving you with some quick mobile marketing tips to make sure you make the most of mobile.

  • Be Clear and Concise: Mobile devices have small screens, which means words should be used sparingly. Cluttered and crowded ads will just drive users to scroll past. When it comes to mobile, it’s best to keep things simple.
  • Optimize for Local: Be sure to remember that 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent. Users often use mobile devices to complement their immediate worldly interactions – where is the nearest gas station? Is there a nearby coffee shop that has wi-fi? Optimize for local mobile marketing to make sure you are aligning with users’ queries.
  • Consider Your Audience: The type of audience you’re hoping to reach should influence the kind of mobile ads you use. Are they gamers? Then try taking advantage of in-game ads. Are they young and tech-savvy? Mobile Facebook Promoted Posts might be more likely to get their attention.
  • Experiment with Different Strategies: There’s a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to mobile marketing. Don’t be afraid to test out some ad extensions with your AdWords Enhanced Campaigns – try the Google Offers ad extension, or the click-to-call extension, and see how they work for you.

Mobile Marketing Course Content:

  • Mobile Marketing Basics
  • Mobile Devices Fundamentals
  • Mobile Marketing & Social Media
  • Key Industry Terminology
  • Mobile Website Creation through WordPress
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Introduction to Mobile Messaging
  • SMS Marketing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to MMS Marketing
  • Rich Communication Services
  • OTT Content Delivery Basics
  • Mobile Sites
  • Mobile Sites Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design
  • TLD .mobi Fundamentals
  • Mobile Social Media Integration on Mobile
  • Mobile Apps Marketing
  • Mobile Apps Basics
  • Introduction to Native Apps
  • Features of Native Apps
  • Basics of Web Apps
  • Features of Web Apps
  • Introduction to Hybrid Apps
  • Benefits of Hybrid Apps
  • Social Media Platforms Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Apps Analytics Fundamentals
  • Mobile Apps Building Strategies
  • Mobile Apps Building Tools
  • Introduction to Apps Marketplaces
  • Introduction to App Stores
  • List of Apps Marketplaces
  • SKU Fundamentals
  • AppStores Key Features
  • AppStore Promotion Fundamentals
  • Mobile App Marketing Basics
  • AppStore Optimization Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Optimization Ways
  • Fundamentals of Keyword Optimization(KWO)
  • Keywords Research & Analysis
  • How to use keywords?
  • Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) Basics
  • Mobile Apps Promotion Strategies
  • Mobile App Analytics Tools
  • Introduction to Frre App Analytics Tools
  • Paid App Analytics Tools Basics
  • Mobile App Advertising
  • Introduction to AdMob
  • How to Create App Campaigns?
  • Type of Mobile Apps Ads
  • Mobile Apps Display Ads
  • Mobile Apps on Search Networks
  • Mobile Ads Fundamentals
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Basics of SMS Advertising
  • Introduction to Mobile Website Advertising
  • Fundamentals of In-App Advertising
  • Basics of In-Game Advertising
  • Fundamentals of Mobile Search Advertising
  • Mobile Coupon Advertising Basics
  • Introduction to Mobile Ad Networks
  • What is Proximity Marketing?
  • Mobile Videos Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Mobile Videos
  • Fundamentals of Video Blogging
  • What is Vlogging?
  • Basics of Mobile Video Apps
  • Mobile Video Formats Basics
  • How to do Mobile Video Advertising?
  • Introduction to Mobile Games Marketing
  • Mobile Games Marketing Overview
  • Basics of Cross-Screen Gaming
  • Introduction to Game Formats
  • How to promote a brand within mobile games?
  • Mobile Game Analytics
  • Mobile Gaming Reporting
  • MAU Fundamentals
  • AU Fundamentals
  • Basics of Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Commerce Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Social/Local/Mobile Integrated Technologies
  • Introduction to NFC(Near Field Communications)
  • Planning of Mobile Commerce Websites
  • Creation of Mobile Commerce Websites
  • Introduction to Mobile Point Of Sale Technologies
  • Introduction to Cross Channel
  • Cross Channel Fundamentals
  • Cross Channel Consumer Journeys
  • Product, Brand & Service Messaging Cross Channel
  • Cross Channel Analytics
  • Fundamentals of Cross Channel Campaign
  • How to track Cross Channel Campaign?
  • Mobile Planning & Strategy
  • Mobile Planning & Strategies
  • Introduction to Situation Analysis
  • How to set Campaign Objectives?
  • Platform & Tool Selection
  • How to plan a Campaign?
  • Monitoring, Analysis & Iteration

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