SEO interview questions List

CIIM Provide a the list of SEO Questions 2015, 2016. SEO interview questions 2016 updated for beginners, intermediate and experts in the SEO domain. SEO is the most important for any website that want to generate organic traffic so that visitors find the resource easily by typing the keywords in the search engine and find it.

SEO interview questions for beginners

  1. What is your own definition for SEO?
  2. Do you follow any Blog about SEO, if yes give the name?
  3. What tool you use to do keyword research?
  4. What is page Title. What points you consider to create it for your pages?
  5. What is on-page and off-page or onsite and off-site in SEO?
  6.  Does meta keywords still in use by search engine, why some website still using it.
  7. According to you what are the top 10 ranking factors?
  8. What is the length of page titles that most search engine consider?
  9. What is PageRank?
  10. What is Backlinks?
  11. What is the role of anchor text in SEO?
  12. What is inbound links and why it is important?
  13. What is outbound links does it harm my SEO efforts?
  14. What is robots.txt how it is helpful?
  15. What is sitemap? Explain different type of sitemap?
  16. How many heading a page should have and way?
  17. What is importance of Webmaster tools particularly Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.
  18. What type of keyword you suggest for my website product and services and way?
  19. Do you know what is Black Hat?
  20. What is robots how it is different from robots.txt?

SEO interview questions for Intermediate

  1. What type of SEO you most like and expert in?
  2. List down three things that are out dated in SEO?
  3. List down three things which are working in seo?
  4. What is the most useful methods to increased conversion?
  5. What is the major things you will check in pre analysis?
  6. How you will decide optimized content?
  7. Your site is flagged as having malware, how will you find out?
  8. what is 90/10 rule in link building?
  9. What is 80/20 rule in SEO?
  10. I want to cache my page every hour what shoud I do?
  11. I want a search box in SERP for my branded or non branded keywords?
  12. What is white hat SEO?
  13. What is black hat SEO?
  14. What is Gray hat SEO?
  15. Does directory submission help?
  16. What is the latest update you read about Google.
  17. What is Google panda? What strategy you will use for quality content?
  18. What is Google penguin?
  19. What is DMCA?
  20. What meta data do you use for SEO? What do you think of Social SEO meta data like Schema, Open Graph and Twitter Card?

SEO interview questions for Experts

  1. What is redirection, when redirection required?
  2. Please suggest if I have to redirect my complete website to new domain what points I need to consider without harming the SEO?
  3. What is SSL and how this is useful in SEO?
  4. What is viwport how it will help?
  5. My analytics account showing links of pages that actually not exist in my website how would you solve it.
  6. I am already on page one for some keywords how can you help me with SEO?
  7. A news website want to do SEO its content as soon as it published but sometime the breaking news arrived in the morning 5:30 am and after midnight 1:40 am. How will you ensure the SEO for this particular content.
  8. What is canonicalization? How will you resolve it?
  9. What is pagination what is the benefit of pagination?
  10. what SEO tools do you use that most help you in achieving desired goals.