Snapchat Instant Tool

Snapchat’s New Ad Creation Tool- A Simple 3 way to Create Optimized Snapchat Ads

Instant Create, a new tool is launched by Snapchat to create targeted ads.

This tool is designed for advertisers to quickly get started with Snapchat Ads with minimum resources.

While creating a campaign, you just need to choose “Instant Create” to access this tool.

3 Simple step guide to create ads:

  1. Select an objective/goal- Choose an option to increase website traffic, app installs or app visits.
  2. Enter your business website.
  3. Select your Audience and Targeting

Ad is ready to launch.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is also offering an Advance Create option, which is good for creating multiple ad sets while Instant create is better for a single ad.

How to Create the Creative?

For Advertisers, there is no need to design their own creatives, it will be done automatically.

Just put your website URL and Instant Create will fetch the photos directly from your website to create ad.

Else, you can upload your own images if you prefer. You can also have access to popular Snapchat’s Ad Templates.


Instant Create is available to all advertisers from the Ads Manager.

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