Top 10 Advance SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2017

Top 10 Advance SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2017 –  here you can find the most asked SEO interview questions and answers.

Ques1: What is SEO?

Ans: SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a process of keep changing the position of a web page or website in a search engine results by using keywords or phrases.

Ques2: What is Googlebot?

Ans: Googlebot is a kind of software used by the Google as a search bot to index a webpage. This software collects the information from every webpage by doing the crawling, caching and then indexing of a webpage.

Ques3: What is Google Sandbox?

Ans: This is the place where the fresh and less authoritative sites were kept for a certain time period till their establishment in the search results. This may happens due to the building of so many links within a short time span.

Ques4: What is Cloaking?

Ans: Cloaking is the procedure of using some deceptive techniques which allows the user with a different version of the website than that presented to the search engines.

Ques5: What methods would you apply for decreasing the loading time of a website?

Ans: We can use the external style sheets, minimum images, decrease the file size of the images that we use, without compromising on the quality and use the CSS scripts to regulate the HTTP requests.

Ques6: What is Robots.txt?

Ans: It is a kind of text file utilized to provide the instructions to the crawlers about the caching and indexing of a website, directory, domain or a file of a webpage.

Ques7: What is the meaning of competitive analysis?

Ans: Competitive analysis does the comparison between the website I am optimizing and the website that is ranked highly in search results.

Ques8: What is the latest update in SEO 2016?

Ans: Google Adwords Shakeup – 22nd February 2016

Google Penguin 4.0 – 23rd September 2016

Ques9: What tools do you use for doing SEO?

Ans: Most common tools used in SEO are: Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, Alexa, Open site explorer.

Ques10: Which tools do you use for choosing keywords?

Ans: I use Google Keyword tool, Wordtracker tool, Wordstream etc