How to Use Google Analytics tracking code?

  • Maintain a single tag on your site.
  • Create lists based on over 250 Google Analytics metrics like time on site and total transactions.
  • Import your Google Analytics custom segment definitions.

In order to use the Google Analytics tracking code as your remarketing tag, you’ll need to have the following set up:

  • Google Analytics tracking code on your website.
  • Linked AdWords and Google Analytics accounts.
  • Same email address registered with both accounts (set to administrative access in Google Analytics).
  • “Use Google Analytics tracking code instead of the AdWords remarketing tag” option selected in AdWords (see “Get your remarketing tag code” section above for instructions).

Note: Deleting your Google Analytics account or unlinking it from your AdWords account may make your remarketing lists less effective over time since new people won’t be added to those lists as they visit your site.