Lessons You Can Learn from IKEA’s Killer Marketing

Are you looking to create a strong brand identity, but have no idea? Learn the best marketing tactics that IKEA uses to grow their business and acquire new customers.

IKEA Marketing Strategy

IKEA is a well-known brand as they sell furniture all around the world. Behind their success, it lies Ikea’s brilliant digital marketing strategy. Ikea is a large chain with 262 locations in 24 countries. Its unique selection and designs with attractive prices has been game changing in the furniture industry.

Did you know 775,000,000 customers visited an IKEA store last year?

Lessons You Can Learn from IKEA’s Killer Marketing. Below are the 5 tips for business owners.

1. Create an Experience, Not Just a Product

Shopping at IKEA is different than shopping at other furniture stores, and it makes IKEA’s model a unique experience for its customers. People can buy products from anyone, anywhere. But if you can give them an experience when they buy from you, you’re going to stand out

2. Have Strong Brand Identity

When you see picture of an IKEA kitchen, you know it’s an IKEA kitchen. They are well known for clean advertising with a few bold colors (blue, yellow, and orange, which are the brand’s colors) and images showing immaculate homes with modern, clean decor.

3. Invest in Content Marketing

In the digital age having an effective content marketing strategy is a must. And with offerings ranging from videos in their Home Tour Series to inspiration boards on Pinterest,  IKEA has mastered the art of crafting online content their customers are dying to view.

4. Make Use of Your Social Media Channel

Knowing which social media platforms your customers use, and reaching out to them on those platforms, is imperative. For IKEA, those platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

5. Get to Know Your Customers

Marketing is all about knowing your customer’s minds. IKEA has run many successful campaigns where they’ve gotten insight from their customers to help shape their marketing and product decisions.

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