PPC Job in Chandigarh

CIIM helps to fulfill your dreams and build career with Internet Marketing as Pay Per Click Manager. India needs 10 lacs digital marketers in 2016-17.

Digital marketing sector has suddenly become quite popular in India and Pay per click will help you analyze and understand your market campaigns in real time.

The scope of digital marketing and Pay per click (PPC Manager) are quite high in 2015-16. Pay Per Click (Adwords/Bing/Facebook ads) media is a huge resource for shopping, entertainment, social interaction, etc. Thus, a large number of consumers can be tapped through this source.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is to impart the skill set of running campaigns through the Sponsored advertisement on the Search Engines.

Your career in the field of Digital Marketing

If you are considering digital marketing as a career, you should go for it with an open mind. You should be flexible so that you can adapt with the market well and update yourself as per market requirements. Common roles that you can get in the field of Digital Marketing include:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • PPC Manager
  • Digital Account Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • E-commerce Manager
  • SEO Analysts
  • Affiliate marketing specialists
  • Email and SMS marketing specialists
  • Content Marketing specialist
  • ORM Expert

PPC Manager Job Responsibility :

As part of each PPC advertisement management service program, we perform a great number of tasks. Specifically these tasks include:

  1. Keyword Research and Selection: Whether you have an existing pay per click internet advertising campaign or not, we perform keyword research as a best practice to ensure the campaigns are employing the appropriate keywords.
  2. Creative Development: Our pay per click management includes custom and unique creative writing (titles and descriptions) to help maximize click through and conversion rates.
  3. Landing Page Identification: We identify the best existing destination or recommend improvements to facilitate site level conversion.
  4. Implement Campaign Tracking: We will work with your staff to implement tracking codes to aid in tracking conversions from your pay per click marketing campaign.
  5. Advertisement Submission: We will upload and submit the keywords and associated creative for approval by the search engines’ sponsored search programs.
  6. PPC Account Settings: We will establish and monitor the numerous Account Settings (daily max spend, match type, countries, etc.) to maximize business goals.
  7. PPC Bid Management: We provide PPC management tasks including bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance.
  8. PPC Monthly Analysis: We perform a month-end analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends. We develop a written document and then hold a conference call to discuss previous month activities and next steps.
  9. Campaign Improvements: We will suggest and implement pay per click internet advertising campaign improvement, including changes to title/description copy, keyword list modifications, and bid adjustments.
  10. Creative Testing: We will perform periodic testing of new creative (titles and descriptions).
  11. PPC Report: Our monthly analysis in the PPC report determines the performance of the campaign.

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