Top Indian profit making startup 2017

Top Indian profit making startup 2017 – Here is a list of some valuable Bootstrapped Indian Startups.

    1. Wingify: – A bootstrapped start-up, Wingify (VisualWebsiteOptimizer) is among India’s finest global products. The start-up, which sells an A/B testing tool, has acquired over 3000+ paying customers and is clocking over $7 million in revenues. It is used for testing the A/B tools, analytics and reporting. The Visual Basic Optimizer is a boon for software marketers.
    2. Zoho: – Software for various business’s needs. Founded by Sridhar Vembu, Zoho is a bootstrapped company with revenues estimated at a whopping $100 million. Zoho is one of the few enterprise companies that has been able to keep up with the times and has managed to become a global brand. It has over 25 applications that power online businesses, productivity, and collaboration, serving the technology needs of more than nine million customers worldwide. From customer relationship management (CRM) to mail, invoicing, and web conferencing, companies use Zoho Applications to run their business processes and manage their information effectively.
    3. Quick Heal Technologies: – A cloud based security and machine learning enabled solutions which stops threats and attacks before they strike. It was founded by Kailash Katar. They have customized their products to suit individual users, small businesses, government establishments, and large corporate houses. This bootstrapped Startup was started by Katar and his brother in Pune. Initially, the brothers reverse-engineered computing devices to understand the security issues, and then came up with solutions.
    4. Kayako: – It is helpdesk and customer support software. Founded by Varun Shoor in 2001, Kayako is a global success story built from Jalandhar. Completely bootstrapped, Kayako has a team in Jalandhar, New Delhi and London, has customers all over the world using its enterprise software. Varun was part of online coding communities, where he encountered company selling customer support software for US$2,000. He saw its product and thought that he could easily make a better product b. He dropped out of college to start Kayako in 2001. It has not received any funding from external investors till now and is profitable. In 2009, Kayako launched a unique community license program, providing free helpdesk software to charities and open-source projects. So far, it has donated software worth US$100,000 to different causes.
    5. Tyto: Bootstrapped and a global company, Tyto was founded by ex-through work professional V Narayan Raman. It’s a Sahi pro tool which focuses on automation testing and web applications. Moreover, the Tyto team has completed 5 years in Dec 2015 with over 350 customers using Sahi Pro.
    6. Zapstitch: It is used to sync data between e-commerce store & accounting software. Founded by Satya Devarakonda, the Bengaluru-based company raised an angel round in early 2014. Zapstitch is currently being used by more than 1200 online stores.
    7. Fusion Charts A Company built from Kolkata, Fusion Charts was started more than 15 years ago by Pallav Nadhani who was only 17 back then. The company came is as an alternative for Excel and has managed to create a niche market. FusionCharts is also bootstrapped.
    8. Contify: Founded by Mohit Bhakuni, Contify is and intelligence platform which is used by enterprises to super charge their competitive strategies. Moreover it’s also helps in maintaining special products, customer outreach program which helps the organization to give better value to its customers.
  1.  Wooqer: It’s a mobile and web application that simplifies the way the organization works. It’s a much easy way to communicate, share files, and get work done. With all the analytics, it guides the user where to go and with better security you don’t have to worry about the authentications of your files. It’s a platform for increasing team and individual productivity. A bootstrapped company, Wooqer has 100+ clients and over 100k users. It has designed platform to drive communication and engagement across large companies and forums.

Majority of the startup chunks which are making a good sum of money with less investment are  from e-commerce domain.

  1. Micromax
  2. Redbus
  3. OlA Cabs
  4. Free recharge
  5. Snapdeal
  6. Foodpanda
  7. makemytrip
  8. Zipdial
  9. Commonfloor
  10. Zomato