What is Segment?

A category (like ad type or day of the week) that you can add to your campaign’s tables and charts in order to organize your performance data around that criteria.

  • On your Campaigns tab, you’ll see a “Segment” button in the toolbar above your statistics table. Use this button to select the level of detail you’d like to apply to the data in your table.
  • For example, you can add the segments “Device” and “Day of the week” to understand the days when your customers are more likely to see your ad on their mobile devices.
  • Use time segments (such as hour of the day or specific months) to isolate changes in your performance. For example, if you segment your data according to the day of the week and find that your ad performance is dramatically different on Saturdays, you can modify your bids to account for the change in user behavior.
  • The segmentation options that are available depend on whether you’re viewing your keyword, ad, ad group, or campaign tables.