Zivame business model & Strategy

Zivame business model & Strategy – Richa Kar is a famous name in the online business. She is the founder and CEO of Zivame, which is a prominent online brand in the lingerie retailing business. Richa is a young achiever in her business venture and she has ditched all the hurdles faced to reach here.

80% of our buyers are first time visitors to the site

Zivame fashion is a leading online selling website : zivame.com, which covers a number of 5 million+ followers and more than a million visitors.

Richa-KarRicha has deeply studied management and business strategies in order to understand the retail market closely. One thing that struck her interest in lingerie business was the fact that approx 80% of the women still wear wrong sized bras.

The second major excuse to deal with online lingerie was privacy of women in shopping and lack of range of sizes in the retail shops.

Lingerie is not only the foremost attire of a woman, introducing trendy designs also adds to her beauty. Most of the women feel shy to speak about their preferences when it comes to lingerie selection. This is where Zivame is a hit and most preferred by women.

Richa’s thought of discussing the taboo topic in public shows her confidence and courage.


The following were noteworthy targets of Zivame.com:

  1. To make lingerie shopping easy and private for women in India.
  2. To bring out a fundamental change in current customer behavior since reaching out to· women in India is difficult as most of the net users are men.
  3. To make a strong consumer connect through social media by providing interesting· clutter breaking content.

Strategy Adopted:

Promoting through online networking is the next “in” technique. Zivame chose to tap their potential target audience (women) between the age group 20-35 plus years utilizing online networking.

They work towards making their presence felt on the social networking site Facebook through regular online posts so as to net different promotions over Facebook. These online posts with photographs are developed based on the interests and purchase behavior of women with relevant ads and messages.

The photograph promotions showed up as news feed upon the desktop and at the right side section of the Facebook page. These photograph promotions were truly alluring and it constrained individuals to tap on them.

Hence, with various promotional strategies through sponsored Facebook ads and notices, the company has been able to influence their target audience with enticing deals.


Images have more effect on individuals over just content. Zivame posted numerous appealing photographs of their product line which constrained their target audience to navigate. The Facebook page and ads have links to all the deals which direct the customers directly to the website. Inquiries from guests were responded expeditiously.

This helped individuals to build up a holding with the brand. What also seems to have worked wonderfully for Zivame was its approach to its product line and enabling their customers to choose the right fit.

The company doesn’t just focus on selling lingerie but also work relentlessly towards educating them about the right fit. With offerings like ‘Try at Home’, ‘Fit consultant’, ‘Discrete Packing’, ‘ Fitting Lounge’ they have made the whole experience of shopping for lingerie more comfortable for women in India.

Their website has proprietary content on the site that educates women on what a right fit should look like. They also provide their customers with an experience to chat with product experts. While buying a product one can also talk to a customer executive on a whim to clarify their doubts.

Not just that all their customer care executives are women, so when a woman customer and the customer representative meet over the phone, it makes it easier for them to talk about the problem, or dissatisfaction with their sizes.

Zivame has made a difference in understanding women’s needs. Sensing that women are hesitant to elaborate on their problems in an over-the-counter transaction, Zivame provides all possible support to help the woman discuss their problems.

The Zivame team proactively approaches customers who just browse through their website and don’t make any purchase. They treat every abandoned cart like a potential purchase, hence when a visitor abandons a cart at zivame.com, they do not just get a general retargeting email. Every potential customer receives a set of three personalized emails, that contain their personal cart content plus a set of personalized product recommendations, which is based on that visitor activity on the site.


In India, lingerie shopping has always been confined to physical retail stores where a· woman can try a product before making a purchase. Zivame.com came as a breath of fresh air by providing an alternative by offering a wide range of products to choose from, competitive prices, easy to return policies and most importantly having the comfort of trying the products with ease at home.

The website is user friendly which increases customer involvement. One can easily· browse by category, brand, color, size. They also provide with detailed illustrations, images and descriptions of the product  Links are furnished alongside the news feeds over subtle desktop and mobile devices· which help individuals to tap on the links specifically for further information.

This serves to expand the activity to the site.

What is the size of the market that you are looking at capturing?
We barely scratched the market. The market size is huge. Results in the last three weeks have been overwhelming.

Online retailing of lingerie has not been done in India before. In fact, we expected people to be concerned about the size and fit, and wanting to trying out before buying, but that is not the case at all.

We have a detailed guide on the site that helps people find out the right size and style for them. People have really appreciated the blog and the amount of educational material that is available on the site.

How does the supply chain work?
We have a very hybrid model in place for brands. We don’t work with dealers. We work directly with the brands. With some brands, we have a consignment model wherein we stock their products in our well equipped local warehouse here in Bangalore.

For some brands, we use just-in-time replenishment model. And, brands are very excited about working with Zivame.

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